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My name is John Haywood and I am the founder and director of a new political party: the Just Say No to Racism Party–whose platform stands on these four pillars of truth:

My name is John Haywood and I am the founder and director of a new political party: the Just Say No to Racism Party–whose platform stands on these four pillars of truth:

The progressive income taxes in effect for 42 years before Reaganomics were not just fairer, they recirculated income as it was earned. Substantial revenues were raised from high bracket taxpayers, and, through the mechanism of government contracts, good-paying jobs were created. The earning from these jobs went, not into the stock market, but into spending and saving. This grew the economy for all Americans, not just the few. In the 34 years SINCE those taxes were abolished, there has been an extraordinary triumph of capital over labor with the Dow Jones up 20 fold, middle and lower incomes flat to down, and an economy placed on Federal Reserve life support. Interest income from savings have been radically reduced yet remains fully taxed while stock dividends, which have almost doubled since the financial crisis, get a special 15% rate. Absolutely nothing will change until progressive taxes are restored.


President George W. Bush declared in a State of the Union address that American health care was second to none. That is anything but the truth. In numerous studies comparing American health care with those of other advanced societies, the British come in first, America last in every category but timeliness of care, where the 2013 study by the New York based Commonwealth Fund rated the British 3rd for timeliness and the United States 5th. There is a crying need for the Congress to enact enabling legislation to clone Britain’s National Health Service to provide quality medical, dental, and mental health care to all Americans including the 30 million now uninsured. All done AT HALF OUR PRESENT COST. It cannot happen too soon.


Israel’s ruling Zionist parties are a pernicious, racist and anti-Semitic evil which the citizens of Israel must constitutionally ban– a ban that cannot and will not occur without United Nations Security Council sanctions against Israel. President Dwight Eisenhower once proposed such sanctions only to have them vetoed by England and France. Zionists in the United States have so subverted both American political parties that our presidents arbitrarily and capriciously veto such sanctions as they are proposed. These vetoes, companioned with lavish military aid to Israel voted by the Congress, make us full partners in the 49-year-long and terribly cruel military occupation of the Palestinians. This partnership has brought terrorism to our shores and a military response by us in many countries. For the sake of peace at home and abroad, for the sake of justice, for the sake of the survival of the Jewish state, the vetoes must stop!


Through most of its history the Supreme Court has acted as persecutor rather than protector of the nation’s minorities. It has done so through racist perversions of the Constitution both before and after the Civil War. In 1896 the Court committed its worst post Civil War perversion in the 7-1 decision in the Plessy case that effectively erased the Civil War Amendments. Sadly, the racist perversions have returned.   Many of them are named in a speech linked to this website. Abraham Lincoln said that the people have a duty to overthrow, not the Constitution, but the men who pervert the Constitution. We seek Congressional authorization for 12 additional young Justices who will pre-commit to issuance of an order overturning the perversions and preventing additional ones. Without a new Court, the successful divide and rule tactics of the right will continue , the scapegoating and oppression of minorities will worsen, and the shredding of the Bill or Rights proceed apace.




Reasons to Donate

The party has already made a difference in two very important ways:
1. The “Anti-Semitism of the Present Government”  speech linked to this website (published to the internet and then advertised in the NYT in late October, 2016) shamed Barack Obama, who’d previously all Security Council resolutions the least bit critical of Israel, into abstaining to UN Security Council Resolution 2334 adopted December 23, 1916 which provided in pertinent part:   
Condemning all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, including inter alia the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes, and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law ans relevant resolutions.”
2. Mr. Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on January 31, 2017, and on.  February 18, party founder John Haywood ran a personal advocacy ad in the NYT titled “RACIST PRESIDENTS APPOINT RACIST JUDGES.” (If you want a copy of the ad email him at  Although the ad’s limited space could only address one recent SCOTUS Constitutional perversion–the one that allowed the former slave states to opt out of Medicaid expansion and thereby deny Obamacare coverage to 20m mostly minority Americans–Haywood was able to refer the ad’s readers to this website’s “Racism in the Courts and Congress”  speech for a litany of past SCOTUS’ perversions.
Before the ad, 62 Senators–well over cloture– appeared likely to vote for confirmation, but afterwards the vote count switched to well below the magic number.  For a brief time it appeared (Glory Be!) the United States Senate would actually conduct a filibuster on behalf of America’s minorities rather than against them.
In recognition of how essential is was to their political prospects to keep their promise to the South to restore a “conservative” —code word for racist–majority on the high court, the Republicans invoked the nuclear option and the nominee was confirmed.  This has, however, created a two edged sword as this party’s proposal for 12 additional justices can now be ENACTED BY SIMPLE MAJORITY should the people heed Lincoln’s admonition to “overthrow, not the Constitution, but the courts and congresses who pervert the Constitution.”
The donations will be used to run ads advertising the Party’s website and its issues in the hope that men and women of goodwill will run in the major party primaries for Congress in 2018 and will in their own advertising, speeches and debates inform the voters that they support this party’s positions in whole or in part.
Send check for an amount between a per year party minimum of $5,000 per person per calendar year and a $10,000 per person per calendar year legal maximum payable to “Just Say No To Racism Party” c/o of John Haywood, 3116 Cornwall Road, Durham, NC 27707-5102.  Include a note giving name, address, occupation, and a declaration that the donor has never contributed to any white surpremacist or Zionist organization.
Best wishes,

Letter to the Federal Elections Committee

[Sent to the Federal Election Commission, Office of the General Counsel, 999 E Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20463 on November 11, 2016]


Dear Ms. Stevenson:

The Just Say No To Racism Party (FEC ID C00627018) requests an advisory opinion granting it temporary national status and use of the current $33,400 calendar year individual donor limits through October 31, 2017.   During that period the party would be barred from use of any moneys it receives for any political activity other than soliciting funds for itself and in paying persons for record keeping/FEC reporting and would be further required to either fold or apply for permanent national status on or before 10/31/17 based on its fundraising efforts to date.

For many years increasingly powerful special interests have dictated to elected and appointed Democratic and Republican office holders the nation’s domestic and foreign policies. They also dictate who will sit on the Supreme Court. The party has identified the five most powerful of those interests:

  1. The Top One Percent of Income Earners 2. The Health Lobby
  2. The Israel Lobby 4. The Gun Lobby and 5. The Family Lobby. Reference is made to the two enclosed speeches, videoed at website.

The Top One Percent of Income Earners exert their power over the two majors to keep taxes low and prevent re-enactment of Roosevelt through Kennedy progressive taxes where the top rate was 91%. These low taxes prevent circulation of the income to the middle class and enable harmful hoarding.   As a consequence, the one per cent’s share of the nation’s income and property has grown exponentially and middle and lower incomes have stagnated and fallen. This latter group has in this election year seen its allowance increase 5% so that median household income has once again returned to the $57,000 level first reached in 1999.

The hallmark of good government has and always will be this:  Essential services must be paid for out of the public treasury, as otherwise they cannot be delivered to all citizens fairly, efficiently, and without exploitation. We see this principle at work at every level of government: municipal fire and police departments, state courts and road repair services, and, at the federal level, our armed services. Yet the Health Lobby exerts its power over Democratic and Republican office holders who violate this hallmark with impunity by protecting a for profit health care system that is grossly inefficient, denies service to millions, and exploits the American health care consumer with a vengeance. They won’t even consider enactment of the world’s best rated health care: The British National Health Service. An Englishman’s health care has been prepaid through the income tax, while an American’s income taxes go to Medicare and Medicaid. The Englishman is home free, but the American is left to fend for himself and bear the entire exorbitant cost of his and his family’s health care.

These two special interest groups have together produced a right wing government that protects, defends, and perpetuates itself through color and creed racism propagandized by the Israel, Gun, and Family Lobbies. Oppression and scapegoating result, and its victims are left without Constitutional protections or legal recourse when justices of the Supreme Court once again pervert the Constitution they’ve sworn to protect and defend. See the anti-Semitism of the Present Government and Racism in the Courts and Congress speeches enclosed.

Senator Bernie Sanders ran on a timid version of this party’s platform. His proposed 55% top income tax rate would never have stopped 1% hoarding; his “Medicare for all” was a far cry from an efficient and higher quality national health service; and his mild criticism of Mr. Netanyahu for “overreacting” in Gaza—where 2,000 civilians were killed—was nullified when he promptly fired a staffer who’d called Netanyahu an “a—hole” on facebook.

As the senator racked up victory after victory in many of the northern states (mostly won this week by Mr. Trump), Sec. Clinton was winning delegates across the south with the black vote. As the crucial California primary loomed, Sanders finally complained of the drug-war-caused 700% rise in incarcerations that so disproportionately affect African Americans. California governor Brown (whose prisons were full of the “disproportionally affected”) promptly endorsed Clinton and the state was hers.

Not that it made any difference. The office holders of the Democratic party were always going to put the special interests ahead of country and would never have nominated Sanders or any candidate that might, just might, put country first.

The nomination and election of Donald J. Trump completes the Republican Party’s betrayal of America’s minorities and removes any pretense that it remains the party of Lincoln. Mr. Trump’s post-election promise to appoint “conservative” justices to the Court is, to say the least, dismaying and disheartening.

In 1855 the northern Whigs formed the Republican party for the expressed purpose of stopping the spread of slavery and regulating its excesses. The very next year it ran a candidate for president who received 42% of the vote. Four years later the Democratic Party split in two and former Whigs formed the Constitution Union Party. Although Lincoln received less than 40% of the popular vote, he triumphed because his opposition was split three ways.

Before this year’s election the number of unaffiliated voters had risen to 39%, while the numbers of Democrats and Republicans had shrunk to 32% and 23% respectively. Many of those remaining in the Democratic Party are minority desperately holding on to a party that is merely less racist than the Republicans.

I say to you that the statute requiring that a party first place a candidate on a state ballot before it may receive national party recognition– and the $33,400 individual calendar contribution limits that go with it– is meant to apply to splinter parties only and to keep every Tom, Dick, and Harry from starting a splinter and messing up ballots in every state in the nation. The legislation that created the FEC was designed by the reigning Democrat and Republican Parties who in their arrogance and allegiance to the special interests would never have contemplated or thought of the formation of a party meant to challenge their dominance. As proof positive of this, please note that the commission is made up of three persons from each of the dominant parties, none from the unaffiliated, and cannot act without four affirmative votes.

I say to you further that that if Congress did intend for the statute to apply to a party like the Just Say No To Racism Party, a party so clearly needed to save the republic from sinking in the quicksands of color and creed racism, then I say to you its unconstitutionality is so obvious as to not even merit argument. Had this statute been in effect and allowed to operate to prevent the formation of new parties before the Civil War, the civil war might have been avoided —BUT THE U. S. WOULD STILL HAVE SLAVERY. And don’t think for one minute it wouldn’t.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day thousands of Americans will be unjustly incarcerated as part of the war on drugs. Many thousands more will suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely because judges perverted the Constitution to allow racist legislatures to deny medical care to millions. Many more will suffer under Israel’s cruel and 49-year-long occupation of Palestine in which the United States is full partner. The rich will party on, the middle class will shrink, and our new president (like the outgoing one) will point the finger of blame everywhere but where it should be pointed.

There is one and only one antidote to the poisons of creed and color racism—truth.   Lincoln once said that the people can solve any problem and meet any crisis so long as they have the real facts. This party has the truth and it has the facts as set forth in the speeches, but it can’t communicate either without money.

Shut this party up and the oppressed must wait. But wait for whom? Who will be brave enough to suffer the slings and arrows of defamatory tactics used by the Israel, Gun, Family, Health Lobbies?   I say to you the oppressed have waited long enough and that this party is the last best hope for their salvation. I hope you will agree.

Just Say No To Racism Party

By John D. Haywood, Director

Walking a Mile in John Haywood’s Shoes

Money is the milk of American politics. I should know as I’ve spent my share including: $135k running against Mr. Obama in the 2012 Democratic Presidential Primary in New Hampshire where I published to the internet a lengthy (28 pages) and detailed platform.   I advertised my positions and website each Sunday in the state’s three major newspapers. I traveled to New Hampshire three times, once to participate with seven other democrats in the lesser known candidates’ debate, to do a television interview that never came off because of flight delays, and then campaigned and made television spots in the state the week before the primary.

Any benefit to my campaign from these expenditures and activities was wiped out six days before the primary when a defamatory profile of me was published at a college journalism website. Its authors claimed I’d said repeatedly to them that the Jews were to blame for America’s economic problems (never said anything of the kind), that the Jews were bribing Congressmen for favorable treatment (also false), that I was against Israel (again, not true), and that I asserted that Israel was “forcing” American involvement in the Middle East (also not true.)

My progressive income taxes proposals to bring tax fairness, create jobs, and stop harmful-to-the-middle-class hoarding by the one percent were reported as a plan for confiscatory estate taxes, the revenues from which would be spent on “social programs” that would “revitalize the country” (again, more lies).

I had thoroughly documented at website my claim that the United States would save over a trillion dollars yearly by cloning Britain’s National Health Service. The profilers alleged, however, that “key elements of specifics” (that they did not name) were missing (they weren’t). This was compounded by an allegation that I believed that the “…most efficient health care systems are domestic….” My actual position, clearly expressed at my website, my interviews and my advertising was the exact opposite.

My proposal to revive the Comprehensive Child Development Act of 1971 aimed at preschoolers younger than those in Head Start—an act that passed the senate by 70 votes and would have ensured equal educational opportunity for all had it not been reprehensibly ambushed by a Richard Nixon veto and defamatory veto message –was said by the profilers to be just another early reading program for 6-7 year olds.

I talked to several attorneys about bringing a libel suit. Each said it was barred under New York Times v. Sullivan. But I, who had defended our local Durham, NC papers against claims and an actual lawsuit for libel between 1973 and 1986, thought I knew better.

Representing myself, I sued the authors of the profile and the school that published it in federal district court. To my surprise and dismay my sworn complaint was tossed at preliminary hearing and I was ordered to pay over $23k in attorneys’ fees “for chilling the defendants First Amendment rights.” The judge’s decision included material from the “Dealing with Zionism” portion of my platform that, taken out of context, made me appear anti-Semitic. The judge also reported that he’d checked the Secretary of State of New Hampshire’s website and caught me in a lie: I’d falsely inflated my vote total in the complaint by nine votes! He went on to state “….plaintiff’s alleged reputational injury derived primarily from a true statement contained in the profile (his party affiliation).”

I paid the attorneys’ fees but filed notice of appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals which affirmed the district court in a brief opinion that cited Sullivan and the Supreme Court’s 2007 Twombly case (that did away with notice pleadings) and concluded with this sentence: “Moreover, as the district court held, even assuming that the profile contained incorrect statements, the complaint simply does not plausibly allege that these students or the college acted with actual malice.” The defendants’ motion for additional attorneys’ fees was denied.

“Actual malice” was defined by Justice Brennan in Sullivan as knowing or reckless falsehood. In view of my published platform, advertising, and broadcast debate, there was no way the defendants could not know what I stood for. Besides, even if Justice Brennan had defined actual malice as actual malice (he didn’t), Sullivan had for many decades been obsolete as a protection against abusive libel suits because the all-white jury was no longer possible. (see Racism in the Courts and Congress Speech enclosed.)

I petitioned the Supreme Court to review my case, not just for reversal and remand, but for the purpose of overruling New York Times v. Sullivan. In the period of one week the Court: 1. denied my petition 2. granted certiorari in Zivotofsky v. Kerry (1915) and 3. came under published attack from Retired Justice John Paul Stevens in his Six Amendments (discussed in the Racism in the Courts and Congress Speech.)

I attempted to influence the 2014 Congressional elections by running a double truck “Common Sense” ad in the New York Times on Sept. 21, 2014. Working with a direct mail outfit I produced a much abbreviated version of that ad in a mailed “flyer” to assumed Republicans in sixteen red Texas congressional districts in an attempt to create a Democratic House majority.

I simply could not believe the hate and vitriol that poured forth from Times readers and flyer recipients alike. The Zionists ran an ad in the Times to counter mine, and for weeks my email was full of invective, mostly from New York and Texas.   While the nastiness was unpleasant, its sting caused me to ask: why is this happening? I turned to the public library for answers.

The two speeches enclosed (Racism in the Courts Congress, Parts I and II and The Anti-Semitism of the Present Government, Parts I and II) are the product of that research. The principle sources for the Anti-Semitism of the Present Government Speech were The Zionist Connection/What Price Peace by Alfred M Lilienthal (1978) and Louis D. Brandeis, by Melvin I. Urofsky (2009). Principal source for the “Dealing with Zionism” section of my presidential platform and minor source for the Anti-Semitism of the Present Government Speech was The Israel Lobby and U. S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt (2007). Chief source for economic policy stated in the Racism in the Courts and Congress Speech was Aftershock, the Next Economy and America’s Future by Robert B. Reich (2010).

The speeches were written starting in December 2014 and were mostly finished by September 2015 at which time I started looking for prominent and wealthy African Americans to use them as a springboard to run for president as an independent in the 2016 election. My number one candidate was Oprah Winfrey and second was Denzel Washington. For whatever reason (could the Jewish Devil Workers affair at page 200 of Oprah! by Kitty Kelly be a factor?) I have totally struck out. I don’t even know for sure that any of my letters of entreaty reached my targets in the African American community.

I then sent the speeches to most of the Democratic Presidential candidates as each dropped out of the race and again receive no acknowledgement or reply. I even sent the speeches to Donald Trump via Donald, Jr. once Trump had secured the nomination. Again, there was no response.